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Anthropology/racial dating prefrence double standard


i want to know why is it that is someone wants to only date someone of their own race its just considered preference and not racist at all but if someone wants to only date someone outside their race not only are they considered racist and discriminative but their also considered sell outs and self haters.what up with that?

Hi Tamara,

In the US, there is still an undercurrent of racism and distrust between the races.  Much of this has been buried or covered but it is still there.  We see it daily in the current presidential race.  People make excuses or use euphemisms but it is thinly veiled racism.  It is very unfortunate but it is not just "one directional" but omnidirectional.  This means that Asians, Blacks, Whites, Indians all face this with and beyond their own cultural and religious cores.  In most cultures you did NOT marry outside and it takes many generations to get beyond t his.  I have friends from many cultures and this is often a serious area of discussion.  

If you are open minded and those you date are open minded enough to look past race, then bravo for you.  You have made the leap that many others fear to take.  But it does have unfortunate consequences.  If you are strong enough to get through them, more power to you and your partner.  It takes people like you to push the struggle along.  Evenutally we will all be color blind.  I hope......


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