are you an atheist scientist?

HI Jose,

It is an interesting question.  As an archaeologist/anthropologist, I have studied the religions of many cultures and have looked for the signs of believe systems in the archaeological context.  I have also spent time in the wilderness alone under the vastness of the sky.  I have been in places where the Milky Way has lit my path in the middle of the night.  To say that I am an atheist would be a false statement, to say that I am an agnostic would be a more true statement in that I am not going to deny that there is a higher power but since I can not touch, hear or see it does not mean that something doesn't exist.  

It is like the saying that because a person is paranoid doesn't mean that someone isn't after them.    

I believe that humans need a believe system to help them maintain an order to their lives.  IF this belief system includes a higher being then so be it.  It is neither right nor wrong to have a belief in a higher being or spirit or "way of life", It is however, how it is expressed to others, that can make a difference.  Always be sensitive to the belief system of others and be accepting of the fact that others do have a belief system.  

I do not argue with others about their system and when others desire to "debate" the subject, I remind them that for each person the belief in a higher being is an intensely personal one and can not nor should not be a matter of debate.  I accept that every one should and does have the right to their own thoughts.  

I hope that this helps you.


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