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Anthropology/Carvings , hollograms and images That I have found on my artifacts


QUESTION: I have discovered a way to photograph my artifacts , then I darken the picture until ancient images appear . These images not only appear but they are made of many images that fit together to the image. These pics can be rotated any direction and they make all new images. I do not alter the pic in any way except to darken the pic . Sometimes I will colorize the pic of the artifact because I don't know what to do with what I have discovered , so I utilize the art aspect . The photo's contain many different types of people , animals , primates creatures , even aliens . I don't have a clue what to do with my discovery , so I just set up a facebook page called The Ancient Artist . The pictures are so amazing , that when you see them you may think that they have been altered in some way to get the image , but if you look close and zoom in on them you can see that this is not something that can be faked or recreated with modern technoligy . The pic's are actully drawn with shadows cast from the ridges carved on the stones when I use my lighting techniques. If you could find time sometime in the near future to take a look at my page on facebook "The Ancient Artist", I'm looking to share what I have found and I can extract photo's from all paleo artifacts that cannot be seen until I have cast light on them that make the shadows that draw the hidden images I haven't found anyone else that has discovered this or has done any simular research . Can you point me in a direction in which I can move foward with my findings and my research , I believe that there is important information hidden on the artifacts . What I have found is so crazy ,  I cannot even tell anyone about my findings unless they are here and I can actually show them . Only a few of my friends have seen my research and like myself they are amazed and there is no logical explanation as to how or who could of carved these hidden photo's . I know this sounds crazy but if you see what I have found and I can prove that I have not altered the photo's , you will also see that there is more to these artifacts than we know about ! Thank you for your time !


Interesting,  Can you send me a series of pics from full light to when the image appears and what these look like when rotated?  My email is  

While I do not doubt that you feel you have discovered something unique,  I would like to understand your methodology to see if it can be replicated.  To most of science, if the effect can be replicated with other artifacts using the same methodology then it can be verified.  

Also if you would send me a link to the ancient artist, I would be interested to see what you have done with these images.  

As I am sure your aware, that the juxtaposition of ancient artifact with something as modern as a holographic image would be incongruous, one never knows what interactions may be present to generate the effect.

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artifact 1
artifact 1  
artifact 2
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QUESTION: Thanks for the quick response . Here's a few of my photo's. These are the images that appear on the artifacts . I do not add or take away from the pic . These are just a few I have hundreds of these pic's and they all have many detailed images on them by using the same simple photo process , the images appear when the light cast shadows across the artifacts , as I rotate the artifact other images appear. One artifact may contain dozens of different images . Take a look , I have 3 years and thousands of hours into learning how to extract these hidden photo's . I'm trying to figure out how to link you to The Ancient Artist if you are not a facebook member and please bare with me , my computer skills need some improvement . If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of the photo's , I am eager to share what I have found and believe that there are many answers and information on the artifacts that is unknown to modern man


These are quite interesting.  However, I'm not sure that what you are seeing are intentional.  While they may seem to be, I believe that many of the images are "accidental" in nature.  Our Native American ancestors clearly did not have the technology to impart these artifacts with such images intentionally in any way.  This being said however, our ancestors did impart these objects with a certain amount of spiritual force.  To help with the hunt, protection etc... Would this potentially have impaparted a kind of image into the stone while it was being worked? Perhaps a psychic imaging of sorts? While I am a scientist, I have encountered things that I have little or no explanation for so, in the broader realm of things, why then not.  

I recommend however the you take a more cautious approach and don't read too much into these images.  It is kind of like seeing the image of Christ in a piece of toast, is it the vivid imagination of the beholder or is it a real image that others see clearly too. If it is to abstract, eliminate it, only hold on to  those that apper to be clear and unequivocal.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the input and I know that you don't have the time that I have put into studying what is in the photo's ,And jesus in the clouds is common reply until I get someone in front of my computer and I am able to zoom and show exactly what each pic is made and how each is an exact image of what is in the pic and the amount of detail each pic has from how many teeth to the pupils in the eye's that toast or clouds does not have . Of course with what I have presented to you I cannot expect you to give any other answer but with the overwhelming amount of evidence that I have in 1000's of these photo's and that it is not ramdom , that the images not only appear in all of the artifacts but each is made of many images and the fact that you can also rotate the pic upside , right or left and each pic will will make all new and different images down to the smallest details that can't be seen without actually zooming in on the pic . And one of the reasons that I have spent so so much time and worked so hard on this project is because this is not just an illusion , or Jesus in a cloud and that the only way to prove a theory is to use the same proceedure obtain the same results each time . I have without a doubt having taken 25,000 photo's and used many different technique's to achieve the the highest quality and clarity without comparmziing the integrity of each photo and each artifact . Do to the fact that this is so far beyond comprehention , and the massive amount of evidence that I have to present,  and the huge amount of time that it takes to presented it , It is easily dismissed as jesus on a peice of toast . I apriciate that you have given me the time that you have given to me and understand fully your response with the tiny amount of  evidence that I have given you . I accidently discovered this while collecting Paleo artifacts as a hobby , and noticing different images that I thought I was seeing as I held it at different angles from the light it would cast shadows that made what looked to me as images of different things so I started taking photo's of what I thought I was seeing and that lead me to actually working on getting the best quality indisputable photo's of what I was seeing . I had know idea what I was about to learn ! I have made a good livin as a professional tree trimmer for the past 36 years and I love to get in the creeks in my spare time and enjoy the peace that I get out there collecting and just seeing what I may find . And what I have told you is just a small portion of what all I have really found , If I say anymore about what I have found my credibility will be even less Than I have with you now so one thing at a time is all I am able to present to anyone without really sounding like I have lost my mind . These day's I dont tell anyone what I have found unless I have my photo album which doesn't do me justice due to the fact many of the images are to small to see with the naked eye , I prefer if I show a friend , that they are here at my computer and that they have enough time that I can send them away knowing that there are things that cannot be explained instead of me sounding like I have lost my mind . I hope I am able to show you more of what I have found and that I am able to figure out a way present it so that I'm not trying to convice anyone what is there , but to show what is there with the amazing art that it is ! Thanks again for your time and I hope that I can show you something That leaves you scratching your head as I have been doin for the past couple of years

Hi Bob,

I think you may have miss under stood what I intended to say.  The Jesus in the clouds thing was not my intent.  I was using this as a caution.  As I' ve said I have no doubt that you feel that what you are seeing is real.  I have seen faces and objects in artifacts too, but I believe them to be accidental for the most part.  On the other hand, I'm not against spiritual imagery being imparted to an object.  Can this image be captured?  I don't see why not.  

I once found an artifact insitue in a site I was excavating.  It was a broken blade in the process of being manufactured.  As soon as I picked up for the first time an image flashed into my head from the artifact!  I saw as plain as day the Native American who was making it get angry due to the break and toss the other part away.  I saw where it landed in the weeds by a hut.  Later that summer, across the site, right where I had predicted it to be found, there it was.  The site director thought I was crazy that I predicted it, until it was found.  The site director and my advisor grilled me for an hour asking me how I knew it would be there.  I don't tell people this story with out reason.  But I think you understand why I have.  So, I'm not poopooing what you have found, but I am recommending caution.  All ancient people's were far more spiritual then we are today and to discount this aspect of their culture takes away an important part of who these people are.  Perhaps you have found a way to image this.   But it must be reproduceable by an independent third party.  Why, because this is how science is done.  And yes it may loose something in translation, the clearer the image and the more unequivocal it is the better to " prove the process".



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