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Hi. I'm writing a fantasy novel and in the story the three main nations originally come from one culture (which collapsed about 3,000 years before the story takes place). At this point, they have different religions, languages, customs etc after having migrated over an area roughly the size of Europe. Would three-thousand years be enough for this kind of cultural divergence to take place?

This is plenty of time for such cultural divergence to occur, all the more so if the collapse involved a big reduction of population size over a large area.  that sort of this causes "founder effects" -divergences (cultural and genetic) among populations, ie., reductions in the pool of information a society retains (fewer minds, less information.  So, if one region looses, say, its blacksmiths and its Jewish people, then the information particular to that craft and that religious tradition would likely not survive in one region.
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John Shea
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