I'm currently a General Studies student, but have enrolled into a Bachelor of Arts program for next year. I am looking into majoring in Anthropology, and I am just looking for more personal opinions as to how you knew you wanted to be an Anthropologist. What was your driving force behind it? Did you discover your passion early in your studies, or did you develop it as you moved through your schooling and discovered different disciplines?
One of the main reasons I am thinking about majoring in it is because one of my entry level Anthropology professors, who I held in very high regard, asked me if I was majoring in it because he said my responses in assignments and on exams were very thorough and it sounded like I should be an Anthropologist. I know this isn't really a solid reason to go into a discipline, but it was the first time any professor encouraged me.
So like I mentioned, I'm just looking for reasons and experiences as to why Anthropology is a good path to take. Also, if you happen to know what a BA in Anthropology can get you for careers. I'm already 28 years old and won't be graduating with a BA until my early 30's, so a Masters or a PhD is probably not an option for quite some time, if at all.
Thanks for your time, and I look forward to your response.

Hi Cam,  

The question I have for you is what are your expectations?  Anthropology is the study of man.  There are many sub-divisions of Anthropology from Food Anthropology which looks at how we have come to eat what we do to Economics which looks at human commerce.  Even Medicine is arguably a sub-division of Anthropology.  

I studied Archaeology and that is what I am but I also work as an anthropologist helping peoples of different cultures acculturate into new social and cultural settings. (Expats and Inpats) Basically helping them avoid the taboos, the does and don't of cultures and how to communicate across cultures.  But Archaeology is my first love (even before my wife).  Other subdivisions include the study of music, Retail Anthropology, Business Anthropology, psychology and psychiatry, etc...

BUT to get any where, in reality, having a Masters does count.  One exception is Anthropological Geography.  This is a field that is in demand by many governments since it helps them understand the demographics and changes in the social structure of their countries.

Look into this first though and make sure that your govt. is in need.

I know that you will have more questions, feel free to ask.


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