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now I m like and too clever on engineering abstract science

mathematics - physics - mechanics

in other hand I have social-personal talent I proved it practically during my recent job

also I m toooo interested and have a huge knowledge un-certified on

- psychology
- self development
- social development
- human development
- meta physics and philosophy

I m tried to do my best to search for career or sort of studies combine between engineering theories designs , abstract science and human science

please let me know career can I access or courses or basic I can start with my career using the mentioned area


Hi Ahmed,

You ask a very difficult question.  Have you considered the field of Artificial intellengence or Human-Machine interface technology.  Both "meld" together technology and social factors.  Where humans and machines need to interact, the machine of course only understands binary but humans can not grasp this simple fact.  As a result, a whole social structure and philosophy needs to be structured around the human so that the interaction with the machine works smnoothly.  

The development of appropriate facial expressions on robots for instance when interacting with humans is a critical "capability" of the machine to be sucessful.

It would be a field where you could use all of your skills.



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