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QUESTION: A pleasant day!Sorry to bother you but this won’t take too much of your time. I'm a student doing an investigative report about crime of passion. Crime of passion is a murder that happens between a couple having a relationship.I would like to ask you some basic questions. I am hoping that I can get the answers to my questions as soon as possible.Thank you very much for your cooperation! I hope you could help me. Your answers will be a great help for our investigation.

1.    Does the environment shape a criminal? How? why?
2.    What causes a person to kill someone he loves?
3.    Do you have any idea about crime of passion? Can you tell us how crime of passion did begin?
4.    Who usually commits murder? Crimes of passion? Is it male or female?
5.    Does crime of passion has any implications to the society?

ANSWER: Hi Maureen,

1.  I do not believe that environment makes a criminal but could shape one if part of the environment in Claude's the subjugation of the people or deprivation.  For instance it a cyclone hits an area people who may be poor May take advantage of the chaos and breake the by looting.   

2.  Anger is a primary motivator as is fear, money can be as well.  

3. Crimes of passion are typically out of fear or anger where ones emotions blind a person to what they are doing.  Another type is one that occurs during love making where one of the partners gets "carried away" and does some thing that brings about the death of the other.  This is typically accidental.

4. Any one can commit murder.  It depends on circumstance and anger level.  Crimes of passion are dependent on circumstance as well as noted above.

5.  That depends on the society and it's interpretation of such crimes.  

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QUESTION: 1. What causes a person to kill?
2. Why does a person kill?
3. What are the ‘symptoms’ of a person with the tendency to kill, specifically the person he loves?
4. Is it true that too much love can kill?
5. How do you think crimes of passion can be prevented?

Hi Maureen,

1). Any number of things can bring one person to kill another,  from war to anger to fear and passion and of course accidentally.  
2). Same as number one, any number of reasons or even by accident
3). There are a number of mental illnesses which could, if untreated, lead to murder or suicide.  If a person with out a mental illness commits such a crime it is often motivated by greed, money, anger, revenge or hate among other reasons.  But these would not have symptoms per say
4). Not sure what this one means... What is too much love?
5). I'm not sure that a crime of passion can be prevented.  These tend to be sudden and quite violent.  Not premeditated but spur of the moment.


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