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Is there something like a human super-power?
Does something like that exists and how does it works?
Can i learn it and how?
What is the power people can learn?

Hi Giovanni,

The basic answer is no.  However there are individuals that have remarkable gifts.  They may for instance have eidetic memories which means that they can remember "every thing" they see or hear.  They may be remarkably strong through muscle building.  They may have extraordinary eye sight or hearing.  Then there are others who for medical reasons do not feel pain or have been subject to electric shock but appear to be unaffected or those who do complex math or play the piano with out having learned how to read music, do so by ear.....

Are these superhumans?  No, they are just human beings with a remarkable gift.   We can not fly with out assistive gear, we can not "glow" in the dark, we can not remain submerged in water with out assertive gear etc...

Can we learn to have a gift.  Yes, I imagine so.  IT takes hard work, dedication and an understanding of what it takes to achieve the talent being sought.  

I think we all may harbor such dreams.....

Good luck on your search.


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