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Among countries we tend to see some on an upward trend and others on a downward trend regarding the state of the social environment.
In some countries crime is increase, morals are deteriorating and all sorts of other negative social issues appear to be increasing. For example Venezuela in the last few years.
In other countries crime is decreasing, morals/values are improving and social problems are disappearing.
In the rise and fall of nations from a social (not economic, political or technological)- what inherently lies behind the rise and fall of social well being of a country.
Can you refer me to any books that provide insights and what do you think the top 3 factors are that determines the rise and fall of a society.

Hi Sunil

Economic factors are a key marker for the social conditions of a country.  IF the country is doing well economically and the middle class is growing then crime and other social issues trend downward.   Social unrest leads to greater unrest and degradation of the whole of society,  Syria is a good example of this.  Any nation that relies on oil revenue is hurting due to the fall in oil values and this has lead to a lot of social unrest as in Venezuela and Nigeria.  The failure of the Chinese currency a few years ago brought about a great deal of unrest until Tieneman Square.  The government cracked down so hard the protesters had to go "underground" or be killed or imprisoned.  Several thousand are in prison.   

The next factor is insurgency and open war.  This tends to come in the form of civil unrest at first and then the fomenting or armed conflict as in Iran and Iraq and the Arab "Spring".  These civil wars come with many hazards including power vacuums and this "sucks" a once stable nation in to disarray.  Libya and Tunisia are examples of this.  There are other nations that have undergone this as well.  Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia etc... Some are only now emerging from a very long "night".  

The third and perhaps the most insidious is disease/famine.  When people are sick and hungry they will do nearly anything.  And this leads to riots, open fighting between the "haves and the " have nots".  It is a type of civil war but leads to humanitarian disaster.  Darker, South Sudan, Eritrea are all examples of this.  Some of these areas have never recovered.

I hope this helps.


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