Did human lives change much between 1000 BC and the year Christ was born?  When was the first time human lives changed significantly?

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That depends in what part of the world you are speaking about.  The Egypian empire was growing and was at nearly constant war.  The Greeks were on the rise and the Empire of Alexander the Great was on the rise.  The Etruscans were colonizing the Mediterainian, The Olmec of Central and the Mocha empire of the Americas were in their hey day.  The Chinese, Kahmer and Mohengidaro were growing fast with abundant agriculture.  Perhaps things were fairly stable before the advent of Agriculture.  Hunter gatherers lived in small wandering bands for thousands of years until agriculture brought about a more sedentary life style.  This would be the first great change for humans.  This occurred some 10,000 years ago.  The next big change was the advent of the Bronze Age and the use of metal tools.  The Iron Age was a great time of invention and the first industrial revolution. This occurred variously in different parts of the world between 2 and 5 thousand years ago.  The Bronze and Iron ages never made it to the New World.  

Exploration brought new ideas and people together.  This of course changed many things, including the advent of pandemic diseases like the plague.  

I'm not I answered your question.  


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