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There is so much wrong in the world today and maybe it was the same 100's of years ago. One view is that much of the wrong is caused by negative emotions such as anger, hated, jealousy, and fear.
Wanted to find out which of these emotions is the first or root cause of the majority of wrong in the world throughout time and has any society ever managed to move beyond these states (if so can you name 2 or 3 societies at any point in history) to achieve a higher state of being where there is little anger, hatred, jealousy and fear.


Hi Sam,

Anger,hate,fear,jealousy, love, joy, passion, kindness are two sides of the same coin.  We humans live with both.  As a species, we are no different from the "lower animals".  They to have these emotions.  They may be expressed differently, but they have these same emotions.  These emotions are neither "good nor bad". They simply exist within each of us.  It deeply ingrained and coded in our genetics.  All of the could be a "root cause".  

You ask if the is a society or a people who have risen above this.  Not really.  But among all of human societies, the closest to be free of anger, hate fear and jealousy are the most primative of us.  The Kung Bushmen of the Kalehari Desert,  the Aborginies of Australia, the Yanamami people of the Amazon, the Pygmies of the Congo.  Why?  They have little to fear except a lion or other wild creature, they have food and shelter as needed, they have fire, they share collectively.  They may get angry but they get over it quickly, they are happy people.  Until we interrfear.  

I am told that the Lapp rain dear headers are also a happy people as are the Inuit of the Arctic region.    

Perhaps in our developed "sophistication" we have lost something.  And this has lead to these more intense emotions.  

An excellent question.  


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