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Hello! I have set of Coca-Cola Holiday Playing cards inside their original tin box. It comes with two decks of playing cards. One deck is still shrink wrapped, the other isn't. It's not really an antique, it's from 1998, but I thought I'd ask what the general value or approximate value is. Especially for coca-cola memorabilia.


Hi Rudy,

Coca-Cola items are one of the more active areas of Antique Advertising collectibles and it's no wonder, there are literally tens of thousands of Coca-Cola items out there! Unfortunately this kind of large supply means that only truly rare and unique items will have sufficient demand from collectors to be worth much. In the case of your cards, they just aren't old enough or rare enough to be worth more than $5 or so. Typically, we don't see much value in Coca-Cola items unless they predate 1950, though there are exceptions like large signs, vending machines, or other large, unique, or desirable items.

The most valuable Coca-Cola items date to the late 1890s and into the first decade of the 1900s, with values slowly tapering down until the 30's and 40's when promotional items began to be produced in much larger numbers.

Hope that helps,
Dale Fenton

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