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Hey Dale, I see that you deal with a lot of railroad collectibles.  Do you have any general advice on what to collect?  What is the best way to avoid fakes?

Hey Roger, thanks for saying hello.  The short answer would be to collect the type of stuff you like.  If you like what you are buying then there is no right way or wrong way to collect.  The easiest way to avoid buying fakes is to work with a reputable dealer.  Now here is the long answer on what type of antique railroad memorabilia to collect.  I usually advise buying the rarest items you can afford when you can afford them.  You can always buy the common stuff when you want it.  Rare items will not always be available.

Some of my favorite areas are china, silver, passes, posters, signs, lanterns, builders plates, and sealers.  Out of that group, lanterns are the most often faked.  Most everything else you see on the market should be authentic.

Collecting antique railroad china is not the first place where most collectors start, but that is where advanced collections usually lead.  Many pieces of china are rare.  The same thing goes for antique railroad silver.  You have to have a special collecting bug to get into china and silver.  However, once you are in you will probably love it.

Many collectors start with a modest collection of antique railroad passes.  Passes are small, usually cheap, and easy to display.  Most collectors focus on a particular railroad and buy all the passes they can find from that line.  Some passes from the 1800s are very rare.  If you like displaying your collection then you should definitely look into railroad signs and posters.  They look great hanging on a wall.

The kings of the railroadiana hobby are antique railroad builders plates.  Even the most common plates are usually worth a few hundred dollars.  Rare plates can be worth several thousand dollars.

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