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A&W Bear Mascot Costume
A&W Bear Mascot Costum  
I recently bought a A&W Rooty The Root Bear Mascot Costume from a very old closing A&W restaurant.  I believe it was the original mascot costume that was introduced when "Rooty" was created in 1974 (according to Wiki).  I'm curious what it could be worth? I haven't been able to find any for sale online, so I assume that it could be rare/there aren't many left in existence.  I however did find an article saying that someone tried to sell the costume on eBay for 5 million, (but that doesn't seem like a realistic price)... seen here as one of the most expensive costumes of 2010:

Mine is missing the A&W patch on the front of the sweater. (Pic is attached).

Any idea on its worth?



Hi there,

Mascot outfits like this see only sporatic interest from collectors, however this costume is fairly early and appears to be complete and in good shape. I'd anticipate the value being between $350-500 if sold on ebay, though I haven't seen any sell so it potentially could be more or less, but I think that's a fair range.

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