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ian wrote at 2013-08-17 10:35:02

I have an almost identical Gustav Becker clock. It was bought for me the day I was born. I would get about 2000 sterling today for it... perhaps at auction more. It has to be a very, very close sibling to your clock and I imagine they left the factory the same year. I have just had it balanced and unfortunately did not take the serials numbers etc when it was out of the case. If you would like a photo of it then feel free to email me My clock is in very good condition, services every 5 or 6 years... if yours is in good condition I would price it the same as mine. Hope this answers your question.. other than sending pictures to an antique clock expert, which is not too difficult a thing to do, I think this is as close as you will get to a price. Regardless, it is a beautiful piece of craftmanship and will run for 3 to 4 hundred years.

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