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stacy wrote at 2011-10-31 13:03:52
My seth thomas electric clock keeps good time, but the motor make a loud noise that in addition to its normal tick tock. do you think it only needs cleaning

fitzclan wrote at 2014-10-28 22:23:11
Hello Vincent,

I have the same model that your photo shows. It belonged to my grandfather. The hole in the front of the face is for silencing the chimes. The movement is strictly electric and does not tick as a mechanical clock would although it may have a faint ticking sound when it is not working properly.

These movements have one gear wheel made of a fiberglass-like material. If the electric service goes out, as in a storm situation, then resumes, the service may come back with a surge. When this occurs, a tooth on this large reddish wheel may break off, rendering the movement useless.

My grandfather had that wheel replaced several times. Don't know if you will be able to get a replacement these days, but I would suggest that you visit the NAWCC website. These guys know their business and if there is a place to get this part, they will know where it is.

If not, you can always buy an inexpensive "fit-up". It will keep time, but the chimes will not work, although the chimes on this particular clock are quite nice. Good luck.  

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