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Rick W F wrote at 2009-12-15 03:45:56 name is rick and Inherited a Seth Thomas E511-000 from my grandmother on my mothers side. My mother tells me that her(my mother) grandmother got the clock when my mom was 5,born 1949. the inside door says General Time Corporation and when i look inside 1954 is scratched on the metal of clock backing, which would be when my mom was 5 or 6. Just FYI

correctamundo wrote at 2012-10-04 02:54:48
I have my father's Seth Thomas Lynton 1E model E511-000 that he bought in 1946 and the back of the instruction door says "Seth Thomas Clocks" "Division of General Time Corporation."  The clock is entirely original.

Charlie wrote at 2015-12-15 20:00:04
Well, I hate to dispute your answer but my clock says Division of General Time Corporation.  It belonged to my Grandfather who died in 1966.  

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