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peter wrote at 2009-12-17 21:53:34
the clocks looks to be a genuine amsterdam longcase clock. it was made around 1775 by j.p. kroese, a renowned clockmaker at the time. born in 1702 and died in 1778.

the case is typical for that period and called "with a violin top" it will run for a week, probably have double striking(dutch) and alarm.

i have restored many of these clocks and they used to be of high quality.

regards peter

LHH wrote at 2010-12-10 15:18:21
That is a very nice item. The maker is Jan Pieter Kroese, (who happens to be one of my ancestors). He was born in Germany (Sprockhövel) in 1702 but settled in the Netherlands as a 'Master-clockmaker'in Amsterdam somewhere around 1725. His son Pieter took over the business in 1775. So this clock must be made between 1725 and 1775.

It's not so elaborate as the Rococo-style clocks that were in fashion after 1730, so this might be a very early 'Kroese'. Rococo style Kroese-clocks are found sometimes at auctions an in musea, and they are very valuable.

If your name is Kroese, Faber or Huizinga (of which some moved tot the US in the 19th-20th century), this might be something that belongs in your family. If not, the possibility that this once stood in a German castle, is not so far-fetched. Although this is a Dutch clock (the dial says 'Maandag' (Monday), in German it would say "Montag"), these could have been bought by anyone who visited Amsterdam, which was an important tradecenter at the time.

LHH Huizinga (The Netherlands)

Warner wrote at 2012-07-09 20:26:45
Dear Liz,

The clock you show seems to be a Dutch clock by the well known maker J.P. Kroese who was working in Amsterdam until the third quarter of the 18th century.So indeed a 18th century clock.

Clock's with a hood shaped like a violin are not very common. Sometimes only the trunk has the violin shape and the hood has straight sides.

From the one picture it is hard to tell whether the clock is original or a 19th century copy. If it is original it is a valuable clock.

If you send me more pictures I can help you with the originality,  Warner

jasper wrote at 2013-11-14 16:54:17
as there is only picture it is hard to judge. However it is very likely that is a original 18th century JP Kroese dutch long case clock. As mentioned before violin shape is rather rare, this and the mahogany veneer suggest that the clock originate from ca 1780-1790. the dial is very uncommon actually I have never seen one like this, usually there is a mechanic in the lower section. These clocks have high potential and deserve careful restoration

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