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Lillian Schenkler wrote at 2011-12-12 00:05:24
My father's company was Penthouse Art Creations! He designed and manufactured clocks and other room decor. I would love to hear from you!

Scott wrote at 2012-11-28 05:55:37
Hi I recently found a clock done by Penthouse Art Creations...Trying to find info on it.  Thanks!  Scott

Lillian Schenkler wrote at 2012-12-02 07:44:16
That was my dad's business, Penthouse Art Creations! He was born in Poland in 1912 and was in Auchwitz Concentration camp during the war. he lost his family and was put to hard labor for years until the end of the war. He was fortunate to be allowed to come to the Untied States in 1948  with nothng but a  $10 bill given to him by United Jewish Federation, no language, no education and a pregnant wife, my mom. He started as a sign maker in Poland before the war and in America as a window dresser in Manhattan, He eventually started his own business in the late 50's in wall decor, clocks, nesting tables and room dividers. At first he rented a basement room with no heat on the Bowery in NYC to begin his business.eventually he grew to a larger place. His factory was walking distance from where the 1964 Worlds Fair stood in Queens. His pieces were all his own designs. he sold his clocks and such to Macy's,Fortunoffs, restaurants and many other department store. My dad passed away in 1995 and recently my mom, who is 90, was able to buy one of his pieces on eBay to give to my 33 year old son who has it hanging in his apartment in NYC, in the East Village, not very far away from where his grandfather first started his business. My father was a talented and ambitious man...a true survivor. I hope you enjoy your Penthouse Art Creatioms clock. my dad would have been thrilled to know that his work is still around!

missc wrote at 2014-09-30 22:56:25
where are the other artwork of Ms. Lillian Schenkler father ART WORK? is there a art piece article #63 or #630, PENHOUSE ART CREATION

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