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Hi Steve

I have a Jauch triple chime movement that I bought from Mason & Sullivan in the early 80s.  It is in a Railroad Regulator case that I built from M&S plans.  The works says:
Jauch P.L 46 cm
4 81

It has a broken mainspring.  The local clock repair shop wanted $350 to replace the spring.  I am a mechanical engineer and fairly good at mechanical things - but one look at all the parts on this scares me away from trying it.

Are there mainsprings available still?  What is a fair price for this work?  

I noticed in another threat that you had a lot of experience with these clocks - are you interested in doing the work and can you provide an estimate?  It has never been cleaned, but worked perfectly before the spring broke.


Hello sir

Was this quote for a total overhaul? The movement was made in April 1981 which makes this an elderly movement and a candidate for a complete overhaul.
Chime clocks are complicated to reassemble and adjust and clock repair skills are necessary.
My price to overhaul this clock is usually higher than your local quote but I will do the job for the same fee and guarantee the work.
Steve Skibicki

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