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Antique Clocks/Seth Thomas 124 Chime problem


    I purchased a 124 westminster movement for a tambour mantel clock of mine. Everything works perfectly with the movement except - each time the chime sequence ends at each quarter hour, the last note fails to strike. The hammer remains in the up position. This last hammer finally strikes when the movement "resets" for the next upcoming sequence (a couple of minutes before the upcoming sequence). Is there an adjustment I can make to insure that this 4th note will strike properly at each quarter hour ? Just to be clear, the movement will properly play all 4 notes, except, the 4th/last note in the sequence. At 15 minutes it will only play 3 notes, at 30 minutes it will only play 7 notes, etc. Thank you -

It sounds like someone was working on the clock and did not get the gears properly timed. If this uses a rear mounted Westminster unit, simply unbolt it - turn the chime cam shaft gear one tooth in the direction of normal rotation and refasten the screws. This should take care of it.  

If the chime is completely between the two side plates, please send me a picture of the movement and I will respond after I see the picture.  

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