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Hi, I have a Seth & Thomas large wall clock it is 53" in height and  13" wide..
The pendulum is very large with one weight and is totally original.
I would like to know the year and value of this clock as I want to sell it.
If you need a photo I will send you one.

Thanks Jim.

Seth Thomas clocks go back to the early 19th century. The Seth Thomas clock company was world renown and produced many fine time pieces. They also sold movements to other clock manufacturers who built their own case.

I was not able to recognize your clock as most wall clocks were not that tall. I suspect it is some kind of high accuracy timepiece used in a location where high accuracy was essential. Weight driven clocks were considered more accurate that spring driven units as the force on the movement was constant throughout the run down cycle. It might be a good idea to send me a picture - particulary one showing the pendulum. It is possible you have a temperature compensated pendulum so the clock accuracy is not affected by temperature.

Although many Seth Thomas clocks were built as I stated in the early 1800's, the company became a stock Corporation on May 5, 1853. In 1931 the Seth Thomas clock company became a division of General Time Instrument Corp.  In 1970 the corporation was renamed General Time Corporation. Somewhere along the line, Westclox of LaSalle, IL, also became a division of General Time.

We checked with Ebay to see what wall clocks were selling for and did not find one to match the size of yours, but they ranged in price from $100 to $600. I would be a little careful selling it as you may have something kind of unusual. I have purchased most of my clocks not working and simply repair them. Clocks bring a lot more money if they are operational.

Sorry for the delay, but with the holiday and company we have been busy. A photo would be a little more help.  thank you.  

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