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QUESTION: I have a circa 1820 Kienzle Uhren wall clock.  It keeps good time but the pendulum swing is very short.  Can I make an adjustment, or change a component, to make the swing longer?

ANSWER: Does the clock keep time? If so I would leave it alone.
There are no parts on the market to change per an antique movement and should be kept original in any event.
The depthing of the verge or pallet unit in relation to the escape wheel is the adjustment needed if any. This can be done by lowering the verge. Good quality clocks have adjustable pallet units with steel pallets that can be raised or lowered in small increments .
Other adjustments consist of closing or opening a pallet unit.
Another problem that I would consider first is the over all condition of the movement. A worn out clock will not have enough power available to give an ample swing. This is corrected by overhauling the movement.
The above techniques require a full knowledge and understanding of escapements and clock repair .
I recommend taking the clock to a reputable repair shop.

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QUESTION: I had previously performed the adjustments to the verge an escapement that you mentioned.  Iíll try doing a little more with those components.

Please explain the function of the suspension spring.  Would it help to replace the suspension spring; perhaps with one thatís a little stiffer.

Replacing parts without a specific reason is useless.
The place to begin is with the movement. A worn movement doesn't have the power available to kick the pendulum as it should. Pivots should be without defects and mirror polished. Worn bearing holes need to be rebushed. Barrel bushings need to be checked for wear and bearings made if necessary. Worn mainsprings need to be replaced. Escapement adjustments won't do any good on a worn movement.

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