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Mr Williams,
       I brought back to the states an old Dutch eight day clock, weighted, oh, almost twenty yrs ago.
Just recently, I moved it from one room to another and, now it won't stay running.  It ticks very profoundly,
but, after less than 3-4 min, it stops.  I really love this clock,as it has always kept great time and a great
conversation piece.  Any advice or suggestions?


Lou jaksetich
Struthers, Ohio  44471

The first thing to check is to be certain the spacing between the two beats is equal. Do this by listening and change the level of the clock as required to get these beats equal. Some clocks, particularly the older ones, will not run when they are perfectly level and have to be slightly out of level to operate. This can be corrected by bending the verge rod, however, I believe your best bet is to simply put a wedge or a piece of folded paper under the feet to obtain continuous operation.

Sometimes when a clock is moved without removing the pendulum the suspension spring will either break or pull loose from its mounting. The pendulum will then hand on the verge rod increasing friction at its pivot preventing the clock from running continuously. In this case, either replace or reattach the spring so the pendulum can swing freely.  

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