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Dear Tom ...
Please can you assist me. I have just picked up an old mantle clock from an auction. It is made by Hermle. It has 3 winding holes in front. Inside on mech is a logo with "65" at top. FHS in centre over an engraved clock face Germany below that and 341-020 below that. The door has 1354/1 printed on it. The clock is not running. How would i try starting it? What are the 3 winding holes for? it is missing a "Chime" bar. :( Can it be replaced?
Hope you can help a little. Julian Walker. Johannesburg.

The dealer for Hermle in the U.S. is Merritts ( They do have a rather complete line.

The center winding hole in the face is for the time. In other words, it winds the spring which makes the pendulum swing. The two at the side are for the chime and strike functions. It is probably a Westminster chime and uses four bars. There are other chime melodies such as the whittington which requires 8 bars for the eight notes of the scale.

Since you do not know the history of the clock it probably needs to be oiled at this time. I have found household oil such as sewing machine oil work quite well on mantle clocks. Merritts has lubricants available which might be a little better.

Merritts carry chime bars for all brands of clocks. Possibly, there is a clock vendor closer to you that you could find on the Internet. If not, I recommend Merrits or Timesavers (  

I assume no key came with the clock, Merritts carries these too and it would be necessary to obtain a key and wind it after it has been oiled.

I assume the pendulum came with it, hopefully it was removed and placed in the back so as to not damage the suspension spring from handling the clock. Sometimes these springs will survive moving if it is moved gently enough. However, I have replaced and/or repaired several suspension springs which were damaged by careless handling.  

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