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I have a problem with my seth thomas 120 round mantel clock movement. It is a time/strike movement. The problem is that the movement will only strike once at the hour and once at the half hour. It will not strike more than once for the hour. If I have the movement on a stand, and manually (with my finger) lift the catch lever out of the hour teeth, then it will strike multiple times for the hour. This will not happen, however, when I just normally advance the hands in an attempt to simulate normal operation. It's as if the catch lever is not being lifted high enough out of the hour teeth to allow it to get past the first tooth on the hour tooth bar. Aside from this, the movement ticks and operates fine. Thank you.

There could be several problems with the clock.
The lifting lever may not be getting enough lift. Another problem with this particular movement is that the gathering pallet gets shifted out of position and causes strike problems.
A thorough understanding of striking mechanisms and clock repair in general should had before attempting to solve this problem. Bending a lever without understanding what it does or what will happen once you make a bend or any adjustment may only complicate matters.

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