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I purchased a verichron quartz 24 hour world clock with a mechanical assembly. I am unable to synchronize the outer 24 hour ring to present time zone (central time zone). Can you advise me on procedure to sync 24 ring and present time? thanks

I have a clock similar to the one you have and it gives what is known as Zulu time. This is the time in Greenwich England which is quite often known as British Standard time. I do not belive Zulu has a daylight savings time, otherwise it would be called British summer time during the summer. Zulu time is used by radio amatures and many others as it is the same throughout the world, thus, if I, as a radio armature, want to communicate with you at 6:00 Zulu time there is no problem as to what time zone either of us are in. I believe airlines and other transportation industries make quite a bit use of Zulu.

My 24 hour clock is currently in my winter place in Florida and I will take a look at it when I get there in December and will get back to you if I find there is some other means of resetting it. However, I believe you will find it is strictly a Zulu dial and you cannot do anything about it.

When we went from standard time to DST my zulu clock did not change time, hence, I would conclude there is no such thing as zulu DST.

In the first paragraph there was a typo.  armature should have been amature.  

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