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QUESTION: Hi im very new to clocks and eager to learn, i am awaiting many books to begin my journey but my immediate question is about the type of hands my clock has. I've seen tools for the removal of clock hands and they are saying type "D" so my question is this how do you know what types there are and how to identify them .

Regards Philip

ANSWER: in 45 years I have never used a "tool for removing clock hands"

pliers and my fingers do 98%

I have no idea what a "type D hand" is

minute hands have different holes in them --square,oblong,rectangular and "D" shaped--maybe they mean those? they are rare BTW.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: After successfully removing the hands many thanks i now have another slight problem, the movement is working and it has been dipped in parrafin and drained. the clcok ticks away when its horizontal but stops when its the right way up do you think this could be dirt or that one of the pivots in worn ... Regards philip

your dipping and draining could have done something for sure. sounds like this is a balance wheel movement? could be the balance needs better cleaning or adjustment-did you properly oil the mechanism after dipping and draining? your cleaning method is not commonly accepted by clock repair pros. but then you only asked about the hands...........

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