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Hi Barry,
I asked you before on dating my Smiths wood works clock and you told me the Smiths were working in the 1830's.
Just want to ask your opinion on how often I should run this clock? These old wood works clocks is it best to run once a month or once a week in order to keep the clock running in top shape? I have had the clock properly serviced and the clock has no running issues. Clock runs fine now. I have run the clock daily now for 7 days. I would appreciate any advise you may have. Thanks.

If you enjoy the clock and don't mind winding it every day, then run it. I have never seen much wear in these wooden movements. I have also found that they can sit for long periods and need only some graphite to get going again. I have one that sat at least 20 years prior to my owning it and it needed only graphite and new cord to run. You can blow any dust out if you want. Since you don't use oil in these movements, you don't get the dirty grease you do with brass movements. Have I totally confused you? Basically, you can run it all the time or not at all or anywhere between and not cause any problems. Does your clock have pulley covers? These do a lot to keep dust out.

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