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Hi  Barry!  My husband inherited a seth thomas wall clock.  The back is stamped wirh number 1868.  The label on the back states that it was made expressley for the L. B. Prlce Company, Kansas City, Mo. Based on the design of the seth thomas label inside front case it is circa 1900.  Any thoughts on value and/or more specific date?  There are some chips in the veneer and a crack across the glass.  The key  is  inside. Thanks so much for taking a look!

This clock is a model "King Bee". I was able to find 3 sold at auction in the last decade. They sold for $265, $500, and $775 so there is quite a range. These 3 had been refinished. Yours has original finish which is a positive. I would put yours toward the higher end depending on the exact condition. (That's a BAD picture.) The cracked glass is a bad thing and will lower the value some. has nice repros. L.B. Price was a retailer of some sort and had S. Thomas print that special label. Your date is about right.  

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