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Seth Thomas clock
Seth Thomas clock  

Seth Thomas clock
Seth Thomas clock  
Hi Barry,
I am interested in knowing more about this Seth Thomas mantel or shelf clock that has been in the family for quite some time.  I am particularly interested in the type of wood and trim (Brass?) and time period when it was made. Also I would be interested in an approximate value.  It does run accurately and chimes on the hour and half hour.  It is a 120 series 8-day pendulum mechanism.
Thank you for allowing me to tap your knowledge.

The wood is certainly a hardwood veneer. I can't tell if it is walnut or mahogany. The metal is also hard to say from a pic. If a magnet sticks to it then it is iron or steel. If it does not stick it could be either brass or white metal. I would generally say to scratch a piece of the metal to see if it looks brass or silver color. I don't see much area to do this so it is up to you. The style is late Art Deco and was probably made in the 1940's. The value would be $75-150.  

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