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Hi - I just inherited a Sears Roebuck "Tradition" mantel clock from my grandmother, and it still has the original Jauch (PL 12 cm) movement in it. Based on a little research from this site, I've determined that the beat needs to be set manually - the tick evens out if the right side of the clock is raised around half an inch and it keeps ticking just fine. How can I set it manually?

Additionally, the chimes are off by four hours - for example, it strikes 1 when the hands show 9. This site advised I not touch the hour hand, so how can this be fixed?

Thanks very much for your time and help.

To set the beat you take a hold of the pendulum leader and move it to the right or left until it stops, and the push it a bit farther. It has a clutch system built in.
As far as the striking, if it strikes 4 move the hour hand to four. If it strikes 1 then move the short hour hand to 1.


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