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QUESTION: Hi...we have a Junghans Mantle Clock (battery) which we love. Sadly a small 'nylon' cog has lost several teeth recently and it has stopped. We have no local (Cambridge UK) repairers and do not know how we can get parts?  My only chance I believe is to buy a new movement for it and try to install myself. Can you advise please. The only details on the clock are below.

Junghans ATO-MAT Mantle.  Seven jewels , unadjusted.  794.25 4

Printed on underneath of case = 335-0022

Thank you

ANSWER: Most Junghans mantle clocks have very high quality brass wind-up movements in them.  If you have  such a movement in your clock it should be repairable.  I am not familiar with any small nylon cog in such a movement.  Can you send a picture of the movement out of the clock and the part if possible?

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Junghans ATO-MAT
Junghans ATO-MAT  
Junghans Mantle Clock
Junghans Mantle Clock  
QUESTION: Hi ..thank you for your reply. I have tried to send you the photos of our clock below. I hope you can see enough to help me. I suspect that you only deal in windup movements but just in case.
Thank you

Peter Ryde

ANSWER: This is one of the first battery movements.  It was actually made to last but the small nylon gear was very fragile.  Over the years the plastic gets brittle and tends to break.  There is nothing you can do but replace it with a new electronic quartz movement.  They are available through many suppliers.  Be sure to get one that will have the correct shaft length to fit your clock.  If you would like the clock to chime, they make these as well.  Good luck.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your advice and time. I don't suppose you can supply a name for a company who stock these?

We stock many different types of movements but the shipping may be expensive.  Let me know if you would like a chiming movement or just a time movement.  I also have to know what length the center shaft is so it will fit your clock face.  I have mini movements as well as "C" battery units.  The C units will last a little longer than the mini motors. I also have to know the length of the minute hand as I will have to send you new hands as well.  I can try to match the original hands if possible.  I will be glad to quote you a price with shipping if you give me this information.  Thank you.

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