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At a rummage sale I found a pathetic PAINTED Herschede tambour clock.  I've removed the paint down to the beautiful mahogany (?) wood and don't want to stain it so what are my best options for making the wood even more beautiful?  I'm looking all over the back plate of the internal works and can find no serial numbers.  Stamped on the right hand side is  Herschede Sparkville Made in Germany No (0) jewels R-13 cm  How can I date this little cutie?
There is a round stamp under an arm I can't read. This clock has a very plain face in poor shape.  Can you direst me to face replacements that read Herschede on them?  Chimes work great.  It runs like a champ without the pendulum.  Pendulum looks like it has a cement filled back.  Is that correct?  Thank for taking time with my novice questions.  ancy

I can help you with some of your questions.  Tung oil will preserve the wood and really bring out the color of the wood.  If there is no date stamped on the works it is difficult to date.
Do a search of the Herschede company and see if something shows up for dating.  Check with Empire Clock in Minn. for a new face.  They have a web site.  I have not seen a cement filled pendulum but that does not mean that they did not make one.  They are usually made of lead or lead filled.

Herschede made a very high quality movement and I am glad to see that you have brought it back to life.  If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.

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