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Lot 944
Lot 944  
Mr. Macomber, I sent a message to you previously regarding a clock that belonged to my great grandmother.  I have discovered that it is a Seth Thomas Lot 944 clock.  I have no other information.  Would like to get a duplicate of this clock if possible.  Can you tell me when this clock was made & where?  Thanks!

I don't know about "lot 944". It sounds like something from an auction. My research says this is a "Giant no. 13". The case looks basically complete except it appears you need a backboard. Do you have the movement, dial or pendulum? If not, these can be found on Ebay fairly often. I don't see why it can't be restored. Decorated glass is available new.
To reproduce this would be very expensive as it would need to be hand carved. The originals were stamped or pressed with a mold.
There are other examples of this model around but it's so hard to say when and where one will turn up. Ebay is probably your best bet there. Also Tom Harris Auctions - Marshalltown, IA. They have clock auctions regularly.
If you want to write again and tell me what parts you have, maybe I can help further. This was made about 1900 in Thomaston, CT.

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