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Can you tell me how to change the light bulb in the lantern attached to this clock?  I think you have to remove the metal top, but not sure how to do it.

Thank you!

Many of the clocks with the continuous burning light employed a neon lamp which was soldered into the electrical circuit. This lamp was rated at 1/4 watt and employed a series ballast resistor so it could operate on 120 volts AC. Changing the light bulb is difficult in most of these clocks as the assumption was the lamp would last 50,000 or so hours which they considered good enough. The metal top may be soldered on, however, if this is the case it should not be too difficult to soften the solder and remove it.

If it is a neon light, replacements are available from Allied Electronics. I believe it is called a NE-2.

I have seen clocks that use a night light type lamp rated 6 watts. These have to be replaceable as they do not have as long a life as the neon lamps.

Hopefully this is a help to you.  

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