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I have a 19th century, antique French brass wall clock , with markings " A D Mougin" . It runs too fast, approximately - 1 minute per hour.  I have lowered the bob to the lowest it can be held on the pendulum. All parts are original.  How can I further adjust the speed ?

The first thing to check is the suspension spring.  Be sure the spring is not bent and that the pendulum holder or rod is attached in the right place on the spring.  If this is all correct, the only way to make it run slower is to lengthen the suspension spring rod.  This means that you will have to replace the spring and rod with a new one and cut the rod about an inch longer than the present one.  This should give you enough adjustment.  

Before doing this, check to see if there is a small hole, about 1/8", in the face of the clock.  It will usually be found in the middle of the clock either above or below the center hand shaft hole.  If there is a hole, there should be a speed adjustment screw behind the hole.  You can lengthen the pendulum by turning the screw usually clockwise.  This will slow the speed.  Then you can fine tune the speed with the pendulum adjustment.  I hope this will solve your problem.

If not let me know.

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