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I have an electric clock, Ingraham Synchronous, model D243.  On the back plate it says Self Starting Synchronous Motor Clock.  There is a little plate at the bottom giving the model number and the name of the company again.  Just wondering why I'm not finding anything about it.  It's a little clock.  On the bottom are some stamped numbers:  a 2 that looks like it's been double stamped, then 8 3 2.  I am just looking for some history.

The term synchronous means that your clock is powered by an electric motor which operates in direct proportion to the power line frequency. Since the electric utilities do an excellent job of keeping the frequency correct, synchronous motor driven electric clocks are very accurate.

The fact it is self starting, of course, means when you plug it in the motor starts immediately without having to be cranked in some manner. Most electric clocks built prior to approximately 1932 had a starting knob or lever with which to crank the clock. Throughout the 1930's clock manufacturers developed shaded pole motors which started automatically when plugged in. This was considered a selling feature and was advertised on signs and on the clock itself. This feature became standard and was no longer advertised in the 1940's and beyond. Thus, what you have is a very old but very nice clock.

Here is a link you can go to to see the history of the E. Ingraham Company.  

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