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Ingram clock bong hr/1/2 hr
Ingram clock bong hr/1  
I purchased an old Ingram mantel/wall clock - just got it today. It's running - bongs on the 1/2 hour but the hammer isn't raising to bong on the hour - what is wrong?  Is this some thing a novice can fix?  Can you tell me approximately when these were made?

This clock is fairly late - probably 1920's-30's. If you remove the dial, the front plate of the movement should be dated. The number on the left is the month and the one on the right is the year. I'm not sure about its being DIY but I'll explain what the problem is. First unscrew the nut on the hands and remove them. Then remove the 2 or more screws holding the dial. The movement is held in by 4 slot screws. You would have to remove the movement from the case. On the hour, the strike gears are set in motion and a pin sticking out the side of one gear should lift the back "tail" of the strike hammer. You should be able to see this with the movement out. Move the hammer and look inside to see the tail move. It is probably bent so the pins are not lifting it as they should. Cause the clock to strike and watch as the wheel with the pins goes around. The tail will need to be bent back into place so it aligns with the wheel. In rare cases one of the pins may have come loose so there is nothing there to lift the tail. Most likely it is the bent tail as above. The gears do not move on the half hour. A pin in the hand shaft lifts and then releases a second tail or the tail of a separate hammer and bell. This is known as a passing strike. Don't hesitate to write again if I'm not being clear enough. When in doubt err on the side of caution.

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