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Hi, I have a question concerning a mantle clock I purchased a few months ago. I was told it was a 1910 Ingraham clock, but after some investigating, I have reason to believe it is something else. First, I checked all over the internet for a clock that looked similar to mine, but the only ones that did were Gilbert, or sessions. Then I noticed there was a date marked April 28th 1896 on the movement, but there was no brand name or anything. I have included a few pictures, and I'm wondering if you might know what model, or make it is. Also, it stopped running after a few months. When I swing the pendulum nothing happens. It won't tick at all. I found that the exit and entry pallet wont turn the escapement wheel. When the pendulum swings the pallets just rock back and forth, but don't turn the wheel. I have it on a level surface, and tried swinging the pendulum gently and then at a wide angle, but to no avail. I was wondering if you could give some advice on how to fix this problem. -Thanks, JJ

The major companies made millions of clocks in this basic style. Yours is a Gilbert and is probably signed on the front plate. There may also be a manufacture date there. The date you mention sounds more like a repair date but I'm not sure.
I'm afraid you have things backwards as far as the running goes. The verge pallets do not turn the escape wheel. The wheel has power from the mainspring and the pallets stop it at each tooth to control how fast it "escapes". Most likely the verge is ok and you have a problem in the gear train which is not letting the power get to the escape wheel. Push the minute hand backward about 5 minutes and try again. Sometimes the strike activation levers can bind and will stop the clock. Moving the hand back may "unhang" the levers. Otherwise you need a professional.

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