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I just bought myself an early Christmas present - you guessed it, a farmer's daughter cuckoo clock.  It was shipped to me from FL.and arrived in good physical condition.  Anyway, the chain farthest to the right as you face the clock was all tangled and simply moved through the two holes in the bottom.  I untangled it...( took me about an hour! ).  I carefully inspected the inside and saw a sprocket at the top right on which I figured the chain had come off.  So I was able to refasten it, and now everything works great EXCEPT the guy does not go up the ladder.  Can you help me please?  ( This is the first cuckoo clock that I have ever taken a look inside, so I will probably not know the lingo of a professional like you... :-)

Thanks in advance for your help... I really am excited to own this FUN timepiece and what all its parts to work.

The only question I would have, is the gear train running and not raising the young guy in lederhosen up the ladder?, or is the train not running at all? If the train is running, check the little clutch pawl that turns the chain sprocket so the guy climbs the ladder. If the train is not running, I would guess the problem to be the weight chain not being properly installed on the sprocket. I have found it very difficult to correct problems with the chain on the sprocket without removing the movement. What happens, is a bump appears in the chain at approximately the top of the sprocket. This jams up the movement and prevents the train from running.

It sounds like a problem that would require the movement to be removed from the case. I do not know if you would want to do this on a movement under warranty. It seems strange they did not restrain the chain more effectively to prevent it from coming off the sprocket. It might be necessary to send the clock back and let them fix it.

I, at one time bought a new Kit Kat clock and it did not run. I sent it back and another was sent which did not run either. I finally repaired it myself and now it runs fine.

I am currently in the Tampa, St. Petersburg area of Florida and could probably visit the shop where you purchased clock if this would be helpful to you.  

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year. I hope you get your early Christmas present working.  

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