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Hermle Mantle Clock
Hermle Mantle Clock  
Hi, I purchased a 1960 art deco Hermle chiming mantel clock and it doesn't keep the time.  Each day it seems to loose 10-15 minutes.  I cannot figure out where the adjustment screws are to adjust the speed.  Attached is an image of the inside of the clock.  Thanks for your help.

If you will refer to your picture, in the upper left side there is a wheel that spins back and forth.  You will see a + and a - next to the hole where the balance wheel is mounted.  That is the direction that you have to turn the adjuster on the wheel.  I can not see from the picture if the adjustment is on the wheel but that is my guess.  In order to make the clock run faster you have to move the inner ring on the wheel to toward the + and slower to the -.  You will have to hold the balance wheel while turning the inner ring with a small screw driver or something similar.  Do not rotate it more than about 1/4" at a time.  Let it run for two days and adjust it again.  You may have to adjust it a number of times to get it where you want it.  Good luck.
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