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I bought a Waltham 31 day chiming wall clock off of ebay. I got the right key to wind it up the problem is that when looking at the clock you can wind the spring on the left and it will wind. When you try to wind the one on the right it will just go back to where you started fro as if the catch is not there to hold the spring. Can it be fixed or will it cost to much to be worth while. I do not know the year it was made or the model number.

You have purchased a clock with a "Made in China" movement.  The original Waltham Company has been out of business for years.  The China manufacturers just stamp the Waltham name on their clocks.  It makes it look like an American clock.  Now on to your problem.  

The winding click spring is probably broken or has slipped.  It is not hard to repair and you can try it yourself.  If the click has just slipped it can be reset.  You will have to remove the face so you can see the movement.  Look at the winding post that does not work.  There should be a gear about 1/2" in dia. around the post. Now locate the click that fits into the teeth of the gear.  If it has just slipped it will not be making contact with the gear.  Place the leaf spring on top of the click when the click is in one of the gear notches. Use the other post and click to see what it should look like.  It should be repaired and you should be able to wind the spring.  If the spring is broken you will have to replace it.

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