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I found a poor, beaten up Grandfather clock IN PIECES at Goodwill. I am of a mind that things like this should never happen to fine things like Grandfather clocks, so I brought it home to rehab and bring back to life. It appeared as though something had fallen on it and broke off the bonnet, finial and the glass that went over the face of the clock, but not the side glass, nor the front glass despite the fact that the door was totally broken. I have managed to put these items back as they should be. Upon inspection it is a Colonial by Zeeland Mod # 1801, Movement 132, Dial DX and the serial number of the clock is 725032.It will run for a few minutes and then stop; the weights have been pulled all the way up.It will chime on the quarter hour, but will not do much else.I need to find out as much as I can about this clock so I can help revive it to its former glory. Do you know if the face glass was beveled as the sides and front door glass are? It even had a spare suspension spring in a little plastic bag inside of the clock! ANY info you can give me would be HUGELY appreciated!
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The numbers you provided are Colonial Clock factory numbers pertaining to a particular model and do not give a repairman details such as what movement is in your clock.
The front door glass should be beveled . The company is no longer in business so this will have to be custom made.
The movement is probably in need of a total overhaul which is something better left to an expert.  

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