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I do not have a key for this clock. The label on the inside back cover has the following on the top left corner.. 296-C-M.P 69059. I do not have a key for it but would like to get one. Where would I get a key and what size/type of key would I need. I believe this close is from 1900, but am unable to find a date on it other than the label stating the clock was patented Sep 7, 1880.
Any help would be appreciated.

This is an adamantine clock which refers to the celluloid or early plastic finish which no one else used. This is called "mahogany" and is from the 1910-20 period. Sometimes but not always, these are dated on the bottom in stencils. If so,there would be a letter to show the month and then the year backwards. e.g. D1091 is April,1901. This would take a #6 key. It should have a smaller end (size 00)to regulate the clock under the hands. You can buy a key from Ebay or Value is $75-125.  

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