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Elliott London
Elliott London  

Painted figure, two different ones either side
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Dear Sir,

Can you tell me if this one is for real? I inherited it from my parents who did live in London for a couple of years.
Or is this maybe a very good replica?
Its in perfect condition and works also. And can you tell me what the value is.

Kind regards,


It is what it is, a pretty mid 20th century small mantel clock. I cannot be to exact on the age, without you letting me know details from movement but this will not be important. It is 20th century. It will wind from the back and go for 8 days I believe. Not the greatest of value 80-120 probably but a good pretty example. It is to late for what we deal in and so I may not be the best to answer your question so if you want anything confirming ask your specialist auctioneer who could see it in the flesh.  

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