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Due to the passing of a dear friend I am in possession of a Hamilton Mantel Clock.  This clock was given to my friend for 35 years of service and presented in the mid 1980s. The clock was very dusty both inside and outside and I remove the hands, and 340-020 movement and cleaned everything very well.  I oiled the movement at its pivot points reassemble it. Amazingly everything came to life and it keeps deadly accurate time. My problems are that it rings a single note 10 times on the hours, irregardless of the hour. It does not ring on the quarter, half or three quarter position at all. So the only sound that I have heard is the single note 10 times on the hour.
Thank you for all your time and effort on my behalf.  

This is a very old movement. Modern clocks have a useful lifespan of around 15 years.
The clock is worn to the point where it is no longer getting the power necessary to operate the chime. there are several reasons why you are getting the single note.
The clock either needs a total overhaul or since this movement is still in production a replacement is the best option.  

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