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Memhard and Miller Carriage Clock
Memhard and Miller Car  

Memhard and Miller Carriage Clock 2.
Memhard and Miller Car  

I was doing research on what I believe is an old French-style carriage clock for a family estate but haven't had much luck in finding the historical background behind "Memhard", the name printed on the clock's face. I've seen numerous references to "Miller" clocks but nothing connected to Memhard as of yet. The clock also has "Spokane-Wash" beneath "Memhard & Miller" and unfortunately, I couldn't locate a company by that title in present or past Spokane, Washington. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


This is a French clock from about 1890. Any maker's mark would be on the backplate but there is often no name on these. So I'm afraid I can't help with the maker. Memhard & Miller was the retailer and ordered imported clocks with their name on them.
I just put Memhard & Miller into Google. I got 2 hits, one of which is an ad from the Spokane Daily Chronicle from 1890. They were a jewelry store located in the Paulsen Building. I don't know how to send a link here so copy and paste this into your browser address bar.

or put Memhard & Miller into your favorite search engine.  

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