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My question is not about how to repair this clock.  My question is can you give me an idea of the best way to sell a clock like this.  I had it listed on ebay and had 24 watchers, but ended by ebay store due to their high seller fees. It was listed for the buyer to make arrangements for transportation of the clock if they were not local and could pick it up themselves.  Is there a magazine for clock enthusiasts?  I really don't want a huge amount of people coming thru my house  to show it, but I also know that it can't handle being torn apart to move it each time to take it to shows to try and sell it.  I don't want it damaged trying to sell it.  This clock was in my grandfathers drug store in Hardy Nebraska. Thank you for any advice you can give me.

If you have any antique malls in your area, I would contact some of the dealers and see if they would be willing to sell it for you.  They may get 25% but you will not have to ship it and show it.  Good luck.

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