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Herschede Tall Clock
Herschede Tall Clock  

Tall Clock
Tall Clock  
We inherited a Herschede Tall Clock about 35 years ago.
The dimensions are:
82" tall
24" wide
14 1/2" deep

The serial # is 17421  model year 1923
It has 5 nickel plated tubular bells 1 3/8" od
It is weight driven and runs like a clock.

We are thinking of selling it or donating it and wanted to know the approximate value.  Can you help me?
Pictures are enclosed.

We checked on ebay and found clocks similar to yours ranging in buy it now price varied from $2000. to $4000.  A lot depends on the condition of the case and whether or not it is in running condition. Your clock looks like it is in very good condition.

I noticed your clock has three winding points. I assume it has a Westminster chime which accounts for the 5 tubes. One of the clocks advertised with 5 tubes had only two winding points, hence I do not know why they used 5 tubes if it were not a Westminster clock.

We did find one of your brand for a buy it now price for $20000. Unfortunately none of the clocks we saw had any bids on them as yet.

I once saw a Westminster chime tall clock fail to get a bid of even $100. at an auction. That certainly would have been a good buy but he would not go any lower and was probably taken to another auction. That particular clock was probably built in the 1920's as your was.  

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